Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time to Step It Up!

I have some catching up to do for the last few days...

Day #22, Monday: Kenpo X

Monday was a good day for P90X. I was pumped and ready to go! I went to my computer as I usually do to see what workout I have scheduled and I was surprised to see "Yoga" listed. I didn't realize that I was almost done with Phase 1! So, as much as I *Love* Yoga X ;), I just wasn't feeling that particular workout that day...and since I'd missed Kenpo X on Saturday I decided to switch it up and do Kenpo instead. And as usual, I had a lot of fun! One thing I was happy to find is how much stronger my legs are. Toward the end of the segment Tony has you in "horse stance," which is basically a squat with legs far apart...while doing different arm movements. I made as low of a squat as I possible could and held it for several minutes...and I didn't even get fatigued.

I also really enjoy the "breaks" in Kenpo X... which aren't even breaks. You can towel off and grab water quickly, but they keep moving. This is where they do jumping jacks and X-jumps. I like the X- jumps! And I love that I can keep up and do all 10 during each break.
Day #23, Tuesday: Core Syngergistics

I had done Core Synergistics once was my first day of P90X, 22 days ago, when initially I stated the "Lean" schedule of P90X (then the next day I switched to Classic.) But doing Core Syngergistics on Tuesday I got a little frustrated because I realized just HOW MUCH I need this workout. I love all of the P90X workouts I've done so far...but I really need Core Synergistics and I wish I had it in my schedule more often. It focuses on the arms and core so well, and those are the areas where I need the most work. I feel like my legs have been getting the biggest workout so far, and that's my strong point. I'm seriously thinking of switching my schedule around a little...which I feel guilty about because it's a strict regimen...but I know that adding more Core is going to help me reach my goals more quickly. I might substitute one of the workouts with Core Synergistics the next few weeks.
Day #24, Wednesday: Ab Ripper X

One thing you should know about me and about this blog, is that I'm going to do my best not to sugar coat things. We're all human and most of us are not experts with fitness...but we're all working together to become so. That's why I've asked you on this journey with me. Because we all have improvements to make. We all have great days, and we all have rough days. But the key is that on rough days we pick ourselves up and move on, instead of giving up.

Today was a challenging day when it came to getting my workout done. I got way too little sleep the night before... You can take the most amazing supplements (like Shakeology), and have a great diet (which I've been doing by best to have)...but if you don't get good sleep you're not going to be able to BRING IT as well as you was my most sleep deprived day with P90X so far it...and it was rough. I went to turn on Kenpo, which I had scheduled and I was really dragging my feet. And I was upset with myself because I love Kenpo. But I was lacking energy. I decided that I needed to pick something that I would be able to give my all. I thought, 20 minutes is about all I've got today (yes, I got that little sleep) I chose Ab Ripper X (and I'll be making up Kenpo later.) Even doing Ab Ripper was super challenging, but I pushed through it. I realized that being sleep deprived, there was this mental block. I just couldn't focus on the task at hand nearly as well.

So...Tomorrow I am determined to take this to a new level and commitment! I feel like I've been getting a little sloppy with this the last few days, and I want that to end... Starting with getting up early everyday, and eating more closely to the P90X diet (I've been doing very well so far. I can't follow the P90X diet perfectly as I am exclusively nursing my daughter and have to take that into consideration...but I do have room for improvement.) I really want to be seeing more results then I already am. I'm going to push myself even harder & eat even better. I want to be truly proud of this journey when the 90 days are up, and know that I gave it everything I could...

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