Monday, November 14, 2011

Day #15- Ab Ripper X

Me again,

So, today wasn't the best day ever. It was pretty hard actually, for personal reasons including both of kids coming down with colds. Some events interfered with me getting my workout done earlier in the day...but I wasn't going to let that stop me from getting something done before the day was up! I wanted so badly to do both Chest & Back as well as Ab Ripper X tonight, but I would have finished around 10 PM...and that's not going to work since this mama has sick kids to take care of... (The rule of thumb is that you should complete your workout 2 hours before you want to get to bed...I was up really late when I did Kenpo the other night. :)

So no excuses, I did the 20 minute Ab Ripper X routine. It was kind of good for me to do this routine alone to see what strength I have for it, since I've been mostly completing it after having worked out for an hour already. I do feel like I'm making an improvement and can actually do quite a few sit-ups now! It's so encouraging to see progress in this area. :) I will be making up the Chest & Back soon. I'm hoping for a much better day tomorrow! :)

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