Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day# 16- Plyometrics

I "jumped" ;) right back into the game with Plyometrics today! I was wondering how it would go since I hadn't gotten a really intense workout in a few days, but it went well. I stuck with all of the moves and was able to squat lower and jump higher then I have before.

One more thing I wanted to share... I've noticed that from my workouts and from using Shakeology that my mental clarity is improving. I can tell this when I talk to people, when I'm reading, etc... My mind just doesn't feel as foggy. When I read I'm able to follow the words on the page and the ideas that I'm reading with much greater ease. This makes me very happy because it's something that I've been struggling with for a long time. I would go to read a book and it was just too much work to stay focused on what I was reading. Increased mental clarity and alertness are both proven results from exercise and great nutrition, like with P90X and Shakeology. It is a great blessing in my life. :)


So can *YOU* do something like this?

So many people avoid intense workout program like P90X because they think they can't handle it. Yes, these are very challenging workouts, but no one expects you to do everything at the same intensity as Tony Horton and the people working out with him at first. He says: modify, modify, modify and if you have to take short breaks, take them! How are we ever going to achieve results in our lives and in our bodies that we've never had/seen before, if we're not willing to take risks and step out of our comfort zones? I've heard from people that's it's "Too hard" or "It hurts." There are things to help with issues like that, but know that it gets easier. The longer you stick with something challenging the easier it will become and you'll be able to push yourself even more! (Of course, some people are unable to do these kinds of workouts because of certain physical ailments, but most people would benefit from this type of program.) Many, many people have gone from super overweight (even obese) to super fit using P90X. I am so happy that I have committed to changing my life with this program and I really look forward to seeing the results. You can do this! (Or a similar program.) You just need to believe that you can and that you're worth it. You can be healthier, thinner, more fit, and have more energy! Whatever you need can be yours if you commit to a plan to make it happen!

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