Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decision...P90X Lean

I've decided to go with the Lean version of P90X...I plan to do this program more than once so I'll be doing P90X Lean hopefully to prepare for classic the 2nd time. Lean is described as using more of the cardio segments with less upper body resistance training. I'm hestitant to pick Lean because my main goal is working on my abs, and instead of focusing on abs 3 times a week, it's "only" 2 times a week. (I'm sure I'll be thanking myself after I finish my first Ab Ripper X...) But I need to build up more overall strength and endurance. I read that doing P90X Lean is still no picnic in the park and I'll sweat even more, but is the version that women tend to usually go with. I guess if I'm feeling extra brave I can add some more Ab Ripper X sessions into my routine...maybe...probably not... :)

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