Friday, December 30, 2011

Corin's Success Story

This is my cousin's story. I'm so proud of her! She's been one of my biggest inspirations.

“I am a mother of 3 kids. I grew up active cheering in High School and then went on to join the Army. I was fit and healthy. I had my 3 precious daughters and that changed quickly. I ballooned up to 227lbs and couldn’t even do a jumping jack. (Sad I know) I tried many things but I struggled losing weight. I also struggled with energy. I was tested for many things at the doctors because I couldn’t make it until noon without being exhausted. Then one of my husband’s friends introduced us to the [Beachbody] coaching opportunity, (Yes I was still 227lbs) and we decided to do it. We started off using P90X. I was slowly losing the weight but still had this issue of fatigue. About 3 weeks into it we started using Shakeology. I cannot even begin to tell you what a game changer it was for me. Within the first couple of days I noticed how I could make it through the day easily while doing P90X without crashing. I was a big junk food-aholic and Shakeology helped me curb the cravings for the junk. That was it! It was my turning point in my weight loss. I finished my first round of P90X 60lbs lighter. I definitely contribute a bunch of it to Shakeology. It helped me get the best nutrition possible...” –Corin Hogan

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day #43

So today was day #43 of my P90X journey...kind of. Day #43 was actually a week ago. (Has that much time really passed since I started this?!) I did "Chest, Shoulders and Triceps" and Monday and then on Tuesday my kids were starting to get colds and I felt one coming on too. But since my cold hadn't really hit yet I did Plyometrics. The next day I definitely had a full on cold, so I allowed myself to rest Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And then Saturday would have been Kenpo but I just did Ab Ripper instead as I was still getting over my cold. It was kind of a let down not to be able to workout those last few days. I've worked so hard up until this point, and I don't want to lose any of my I was super excited to find that by Sunday I was feeling much better. I'm very excited to BRING IT this week and give 110% to my workouts...

I decided that although I did workout Monday & Tuesday, I am redoing the entire week. This week would have been the last week of phase #2, or what we call a "rest week," (if you can call it that. ;) But knowing that I missed so much, I don't feel ready to soon be done with phase #2.

So today I did "Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps" and "Ab Ripper X". I continue to be grateful for the challenge of Chest Shoulders and Triceps...because I really need it! Since there are so many push-ups in this segment, I start on my knees and stay on my knees! It makes me feel better to see that the only female on this DVD does most of hers the same way. I hope to someday be able to do most, if not all on my feet...We'll see if that day ever comes...but I'll keep working towards it! I find it interesting how little push-ups I can do at the beginning of the segment, and the more I can do further into the segment when I'm really warmed up. It's like when you start a hike up a mountain and start to feel the burn and think, "I don't know if I can do this!" But as you keep going it seems to get easier and easier.

I love Ab Ripper X more and more as time goes on. It's more of my favorite P90X segments...

"Ab Ripper X...I hate it, but I love it...." - Tony Horton

And I love that it's getting easier and easier for me as time goes on to keep up and put more intensity into this workout. Like most post-pregnancy moms, my greatest wish is to have my abs back...I want it SO badly!! And this workout is definitely helping me get there. I just hope that as I continue to eat well and do my workouts they start to surface again soon.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

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An Update & Staying Committed to Fitness During the Holidays

Hey Everyone!!

I've completely gotten out of the habit of blogging about my workouts for the last two weeks...and the more time that passes, the more daunting the task becomes (anyone else ever felt that way about blogging?) I also got a little side-tracked with my contest...and life... :) But, I'm back and I'm here to update you all on my P90X journey. Although I haven't been writing much about it, I've continued doing my P90X workouts every day possible (I've only missed a few days, including the last couple days since I got a cold) and continue to rock it! I just get more and more excited about this journey as time goes on. I absolutely love working with Beachbody, helping others get fit, as well as myself. I am always thrilled to hear how Shakeology and Beachbody work out programs are helping others.

So...since I have a lot of make-up, this blog entry will not go into a whole lot of detail for each day I've worked out, but at least I'll be back on track with documenting my progress. :)

So, in one of the last posts I wrote, I talked about some of my goals for taking this endeavor to the next level of commitment...specifically with getting my workouts done in the morning, increasing the intensity level in my workouts, and eating even healthier. I feel that I am not yet meeting these goals 100% but I am doing a lot better. I've gotten up to workout in the morning as much as possible. This might not be a real practical goal for me at the moment...but as some certain circumstances in my personal life change soon it should be more of a practical goal. Basically, sometimes the need for more sleep in the morning, to be able to function happily throughout the rest of the day is more important. Although I'd LOVE to be able to get my workouts done earlier in the day, sometimes my schedule has to be does anyone's.

However, if you can help it, I definitely recommend getting workouts done as early in the day possible. Having those extra endorphins to kick-start your day, not having to think about getting your workout in for the rest of the day, and having that time later in the day to get other things accomplished is a great thing. However, it is so incredibly important to get daily exercise, so it has to happen sometime...even if it's later in day or evening.

As for increasing the level of intensity in my workouts, I feel I am doing very well in that area. For instance, on Tuesday I did Plyometrics and I was so excited about how strong I felt and how hard I was able to push. It's days like this that really keep me motivated with my P90X journey. When I work so dang hard everyday to improve my fitness, it's so exciting to see progress. While doing Plyo I was squatting lower and performing the moves at a faster pace. I'm finally able to touch the ground during certain squatting moves where there is room for modification (such as touching your knee or leg instead of reaching all the way to the ground.)

I haven't written much on this blog about nutrition and healthy eating...And this fact really nags at me because this topic is 85% of the struggle that people face when working to live a healthier life or lose weight. I'm waiting for an opportunity where I can really focus on it (it will happen), to help myself and others understand even better JUST HOW MUCH we need to focus on healthy eating. I wouldn't say that I have neglected it completely, as I have written about Shakeology, (which is an incredible tool for getting your diet and health on track.) But I hope to soon focus more on nutrition in general on this blog. I can guarantee you that if you are only focusing on one aspect of healthy living, such as exercise, you might not see the best results. Healthy living has to be the whole package deal...getting good sleep, drinking water, healthy eating, exercise (both cardio and resistance), etc.. When we can commit to the whole package that's when the REAL results come. And that is the standard to hold up against any type of fitness/health program...Do they focus on the whole package? I know that Beachbody does, and that's why I stand by them.

(Doesn't this look amazing? I'm going to make it this week...Click here for the recipe)

But I am happy to report that my eating habits have been WONDERFUL the last several weeks. And this makes me so happy. There is still room for improvement, but I seriously haven't eaten this well in long time...or maybe even in my whole life:

For the most part, I've kept junk food out of my house entirely. I believe this to be the most important change I've made so far, as it helps both me and my family eat healthier. And not only have I done well to steer clear of stocking my cupboards with junk and sweets, I've also been more selective of the other foods that I eat: Eating more natural, whole, raw, unprocessed foods, and even some certified organic foods. I drink only water and I shoot for at least 75 oz. per day. And also with cutting out extra sugar by avoiding even certain "healthier" foods. I have done very little eating out (and only Subway when I have.) And of course, I drink Shakeology daily which has a low glycemic index level, encourages more fruit in my diet as I like to include food like strawberries & bananas in my shakes (plus Shakeology already contains antioxidant-rich fruits), helps to satisfy my cravings for sweets, and keeps me full. The more I research Shakeology and healthy eating in general, the more excited I am to share it with others.

As the Christmas/Holiday season approaches, I feel an even greater excitement and appreciation for the commitment I've made to healthier living. The holidays are notorious for encouraging inactivity and weight gain (the average is about 6 lbs, read this great article for tips on keeping the pounds off while celebrating the holidays.) But I've decided that the holiday festivities are not going to get the best of me this year, or any of the coming health and body count on me for the other 11 months of the year. I am making exceptions for certain days like Christmas to enjoy a few holiday treats, but other than that my eating is/will be clean. I encourage all of you to think about how you spend your time during your holiday breaks and what you eat...Do you really need that extra piece of fudge or that cookie? Or are you eating it just because it's sitting there? It is possible to celebrate these wonderful holidays while keeping on track with your health and fitness goals. And it's even possible to START working on such goals during the holidays.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Healthier New Year!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week #6 Stats

Hey again everyone!

Last day to enter my Get Fit & Have Fun contest!! Ends at midnight December 8th.
See previous blog below for details. Or click here.

So, I just took my 6 week measurements and I'm way excited about the results! I was nervous as I was taking them because I look in the mirror everyday and I don't notice a huge difference. I keep working hard and eating right...but I want to see the proof that this is working for me. Well here it is!! I took them today just because I happened to take my first measurements at the start of week #3, so I planned to do it again after another 3 weeks. I wish I'd taken my first measurements on week #1, but it just didn't happen. I haven't blogged for several days because of my current contest, but I will write about how I've been doing with my workouts and goals soon.

                             Week #1              Week #3              Week #6
Weight                   129 lbs.              126.4 lbs               124.8 lbs.
BMI                            20.8                      20.3                       20.0
Body Fat %              ---                         20.7%                    20.4%
Muscle %                 ---                         36.0%                    36.1%
Arms                        ---                          9 1/2"                        10"           
Small Waist              ---                             29"                    27 1/2"!!
Large Waist              ---                      32 3/4"                        31"
Hips                          ---                            35"                    34 3/4" 
Mid-butt                    ---                           36"                     35 1/2"
Thighs                       ---                           21"                          19"

Just so ya'll know, when I take my measurements I don't squeeze the tape to measure around myself or suck it in...these are real stats...And the proof that I am working hard to change my body and my life with a program that REALLY works. I love P90X. :)

Two things to note...I'm not sure why but the only numbers that haven't changed much are my fat and muscle percentages...which is strange because every other number has changed. I even lost 2 lbs. in the last 3 weeks!! (I do, however, expect my weight to start plateauing soon as I gain more muscle.) Maybe my scale is not super accurate or these percentages really haven't changed that much...but the thing is, is that the measuring tape doesn't lie and I am seeing CHANGE!!

I do hope to start seeing more progress around my "large waist" area soon. I think that adding more of the "Core Synergistics" segment will help with that. I will be substituting "Back & Biceps" for Core each week. But nearly 2 inches gone in 3 weeks is pretty cool!!

I was happy to see that the only number that went up was my arm's circumference. People have started noticing the definition in my arms...and I'll admit that I have been known to flex my muscles in front of the mirror every once in while these days ;) ...I flexed for my husband the other day and he says, "Whoa, do that again!" He's especially excited to see my progress and is proud of all I'm doing. Love you honey!

Thanks for reading! Go enter my contest if you haven't done so already. I will be announcing the winner on December 9th!! Do it now!! And share with friends too. :)