Thursday, January 26, 2012

My P90X Results...So Far

Hey Everyone!

So I'm thinking I will post my P90X results a little early. I found out yesterday during a Dr.'s visit that my abdomen muscles are herniated (lovely right? This was caused by carrying my babies out and very low) and I might need surgery to repair them. I will find out soon the severity and what steps will need to be taken...but for now I'm not allowed to any ab specific work, such as Ab Ripper X (one of my faves too!) So I figure these last pictures I took (a little after 60 days into P90X) will show my best results (so far in that area). In a way it's nice to know now why my stomach area hasn't been responding to these workouts as well as I'd hoped.

I'm a work in progress, but I'm very excited about the changes I've already seen in my body by taking The Beachbody Challenge (Shakeology + a Beachbody program of your choice...P90X in this case.) I will continue using P90X until the 90 days are over (just a few more days), but will omit Ab Ripper X.

This journey has been an amazing one! Being able to change my health in a big way, and then in turn help others...I love it and it's been one of the best things I've ever done in my life!! I feel so much healthier and stronger. I feel so much more positive every day and able to adapt to stressful situations. And I'm a lot more fun as a mom! :D I wrestle and play with my son now and I'm able to go to the park and run around with him without feeling worn out. I thought to myself the other day while running around with him that I feel 15 again...I turn 28 this year! I love the energy, strength, stamina, etc... that challenging exercise and great nutrition have done for my body these last 3 months. I love the feeling I get during and after my workouts...I can't even explain it completely. It's a feeling of radiating energy and peace. It is so true what Tony Horton says: "Take care of your body and it will take care of you!" I will continue taking care of my body with these challenging workouts, drinking my Shakeology daily and eating well, and I look forward to seeing even more positive results in my body and in my life!

10 Reasons to Drink Water

Expert Tips and Advice: 10 Ways Water Helps You to Lose Weight

1. Water suppresses your appetite. People who drink more water feel hungry less often, as water makes a good appetite suppressant.
2. Water helps to reduce cholesterol. Water has a drastic impact on cholesterol and should help you reduce the levels in your body; it also can lead to weight loss.
3. Water helps to tone muscles. If your muscles are dehydrated, you won't see a lot of toning. Up your intake of water and you'll see a difference, fast!
4. Water is necessary for proper digestion. Your digestive system requires a certain amount of water a day to function, and if you fall short of this, it can make you feel bloated and tired. We recommend 9 glasses of water a day.
5. Water helps liver function. The liver metabolizes fat, which is very important when you are trying to lose weight. However, it requires a lot of water to do this successfully, and if your liver doesn't have enough, it will store the fat.
6. Water helps soothe digestive problems. If you are suffering from digestive troubles, try drinking a few glasses of water. This should help jump-start your system again, as a lack of water can cause the entire process to stop.
7. The right amount of water causes the body to stop retaining water. If you usually don't drink enough, your body will have retained water to make up for it. This water retention can add pounds to your weight, making you feel very bloated.
8. Water stops you confusing hunger and thirst. It can be very easy to think you are hungry when in fact you are just thirsty.
9. Water moisturizes the skin and makes it more radiant and supple. Supermodels are known to drink about 68 ounces of water per day to make sure their skin is hydrated and looks its best.
10. Water washes the toxins out of the body. Water washes out the toxins, making your body cleaner and healthier.
Experts recommend drinking 68 ounces of water a day—that's about 8 glasses of water, which you should easily be able to fit into your day. We recommend making your shake with about 2 cups of water, and you'll not only have a better chance at meeting your water requirement for the day, but it'll taste good too!"
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I personally have felt the effects of not drinking enough water...and it's not pleasant. Sometimes it's easy to forget, but as you read's so important for weight loss and overall health! After all, the majority of our body is made from water. I tend to have less energy when I'm dehydrated and I drag more during workouts. Drinking a couple glasses before my workout helps me feel much more ready to give it my all. It helps me to keep a reusable water bottle on hand and make a goal of how many full bottles I will drink in my day to meet my goal of 70 oz (about 3 with my 24 oz. bottle.)

Drinking enough water also helps satisfy my "hunger" cravings. So often we mistake thirst for hunger, so if your still feeling hungry after a meal or snack, think about your water intake and see if drinking a tall glass of water helps. The above blog mentioned mixing shakeology with 2 cups of fluid. I have started doing this, and it has helped even more to satisfy my appetite...and it makes a lot of shake this way! The high quality protein, other ingredients such as chia seeds, and water/milk/almond milk + ice (fluid) make it low calorie meal that keeps you full for a long time= winning combo. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Coming Soon!

It's official! The release date for the looong anticipated new flavor 

Tropical Strawberry will be...

 February 14th!

And it will be vegan. :) Instead of Whey Protein Concentrate like in Chocolate and Greenberry (which is a very high quality protein source, by the way), the protein source for Tropical will be sprouted brown rice. Although most people who have dairy intolerances do fine on Shakeology because of different ingredients (such as digestive enzymes)...people are excited for a dairy free alternative. And I hear this one is SUPER tasty! Many wonderful recipes to try will be included in each shipment.

Having a new flavor of Shakeology come out is a BIG deal too. Beachbody doesn't just throw out a flavor without tons of testing and making sure it lives up to the standard of "Healthiest Meal of the Day." Beachbody refuses to use inferior ingredients just to make a people happy with the taste. It HAS to be free from chemicals, preservatives, colorings and taste great!

Feel free to ask questions. Tropical Shakeology will be available in my official Beachbody Shop on February 14th!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Challenge Group Info- Entry Deadline January 16th

Update: I've got 7 people pumped and all ready to go for my Challenge Group, so we're rescheduling our start date for the 23rd! If you would like to join one of my future Challenge Groups, email me and I'll get you on my waiting list and more information as I get closer to opening up a new group.

My CHALLENGE GROUP begins Monday, January 23rd and you are invited! It's turning out to be a great group already!

0 days left to enter. This will allow everyone to have their supplies ready to go for our Jan. 23rd start date.

Watch this video and if you are serious about getting the best results in the shortest amount of time possible, with a great support network that won't let you fail, let me know! As your personal Beachbody coach I will be available by phone, text, email, fb to help you through the whole process. I want YOU to be successful at finally reaching your health/weight/fitness goals. And I will be doing a program along with you!

I’m forming a challenge group based on the Beachbody Challenge. It will be a great opportunity to get in shape because we’ll be accountable to each other, give support, & ask and answer each others questions for the duration of the 60/90 day programs. Most people will be doing either P90X or Insanity. However, there are other options if you need something a little less intense. We will be using Shakeology as our after-workout recovery meal. 

I’ve set the start date for Monday, January 30th. I’m here to help you with whatever fitness and health needs you might have. This is the time to get into the best shape of our lives and we are going to have a great time doing it together!

Let me which program you might be interested in trying or if you want any information about a particular program.

Each Challenge Pack comes with the workout program of your choice (comes with several DVD's, nutrition and fitness guide for that program and bonus workouts), One month supply of Shakeology (30 meals), free one month membership to the Beachbody website, and free suppport from me and the rest of the Beachbody community. You save up to $55 with the Challenge pack off retail price including get free shipping.

Learn more about "The Beachbody Challenge," Read success stories and buy a challenge pack. Click "Take the Challenge.

What will be required of YOU?

  • Order supplies by Saturday, January 21st to make sure you are set and ready to go by the 30th. (Shipping can take 5-7 days.)
  • Commit to the 60/90 program of your choice and to give it your all everyday (You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.) 6 days a week, with a "rest day" on Sundays.
  • Check in with you FB Challenge group at least once per day
  • Drink Shakeology once per day to replenish and fuel your changing body (preferably right after your workout)
  • Take your before pictures. I know it can be embarrassing and comfortable to do so, but you'll be so happy you did. Think of it like you're saying goodbye to the you you will never know again!

A friend of mine asked to see videos for all of the possible Challenge Pack programs. Here are the links for each:



Hip Hop Abs:

Body Gospel:

10 Minute Trainer:

Slim in 6:


Friday, January 6, 2012

Week #9 Stats

                               Week #1              Week #3              Week #6              Week #9
Weight                   129 lbs.              126.4 lbs               124.8 lbs.               123.4 lbs.
BMI                            20.8                      20.3                       20.0                        19.9        
Body Fat %              ---                         20.7%                    20.4%                   20.0%
Muscle %                 ---                         36.0%                    36.1%                    36.3%
Arms                        ---                          9 1/2"                        10"                   10 1/8"       
Small Waist              ---                             29"                    27 1/2"!!               27 1/2"
Large Waist              ---                      32 3/4"                        31"                   30 1/2"
Hips                          ---                            35"                    34 3/4"                         33"
Mid-butt                    ---                           36"                     35 1/2"                        35"
Thighs                       ---                           21"                          19"                   19 1/2" (more muscle?)

6 lbs. lost in 9 weeks! Not bad considering I've gained muscle too, which weighs more then fat. I took my 60 day photos the other day, and I'm pleased with the results. I am getting more definition in different areas, and it's obvious I've lost a layer of fat. This is very encouraging to me. I don't ever remember feeling this solid (muscle gain) and I like it!

I can't say enough about how happy I am that I've made the decision to change my health in a big way with P90X, Shakeology, and just healthier eating in general. I just feel so much happier, energetic, and even excited about life. I know my kids (and especially my 2 year old son) have noticed a difference in me and our relationship is better. There are so many things I could mention that I noticed have changed, but I'll write about them after I complete P90X. Bottom line, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice to take the Beachbody Challenge.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Phase #2 Complete!

Hey again everyone,

Here's a little update for you all...I just completed the 2nd month of my P90X challenge and I couldn't be more excited for this next and last month of P90X!! In 30 or so days I will be posting my "after" pictures. I'm starting to feel more confident that there will be a noticeable difference between my "before" and "after" pictures." I'll admit that some days I do wonder if I'm making any difference, but the changes in myself both inside and out are becoming more and more evident and undeniable...In my strength, muscle tone, flexibility, endurance and in my energy, confidence, excitement for life and happiness!! I think back on 2 months ago and I wonder how I even lived that way. I wasn't terribly unhealthy or overweight, but from what I've learned over the last 2 months, there are certain habits that I never want to have again. Such as mediocre workouts and mediocre eating habits, including lots of sweets. And I never want to possess the mindset again that so many people have: one of, "Oh, this is what happens after babies. This is how my body is going to be." Not anymore! This journey is incredible because I have realized that our bodies are more amazing then we know at healing and restoring themselves through super healthy eating and challenging exercise. Someone who has been overweight their WHOLE entire lives can be finally become thin and healthy by following this plan. It's work, yes, but so worth it! And for me personally, P90X isn't just a 90 day challenge...but the start of a whole life challenge. I hope to work with Beachbody to help others, and to challenge myself mentally and physically for a long, long time.

So, I got a book in the mail the other day. Chalene Johnson (known for her workouts "TurboJam", "Chelean Extreme" and "Turbofire") just came out with this amazing life-changing book about restoring your life to health. She talks about how a journey to fitness isn't JUST about exercise and eating right, but how it needs to be a whole life makeover. I opened it up for the first time last night and started reading about her views on nutrition. She categorizes food into 3 color-coded tiers- Green, Yellow, and Red Zones. Like stop lights, green foods are always a go! Yellow foods should be used with caution, and Red foods should be avoided entirely or eaten rarely. Like I talked about it one of my last posts, I've been eating really well since I began P90X! And I have a very good understanding of nutrition and healthy eating already...but reading her book last night re-affirmed the fact that I still have a lot to learn and many modifications to make. And that's something she talks about: That we just do that best we can with what we currently know and feel...but we must make the effort to continually learn about healthy eating. You will find through your own research that a certain food, for example, isn't as healthy and necessary to your diet as you thought. I will post more details about Chalene's color system in a future post.