Saturday, April 28, 2012

60 Day Insanity Challenge

Today I completed week #1 of my 60 day Insanity Challenge!! In February I completed my first Beachbody program, P90X. Since then I'd been doing a mix of P90X and Turbofire. I love both programs (both amazing in their own way)...but I'm way excited to be on a set schedule again with Insanity.

I love being able to commit to one program and have the path to fitness marked for me. I'll admit that following my own random schedule these last couple months hasn't been nearly as effective as following a set schedule. Beachbody's programs and workouts are high quality and organized the way they are for a help people get into the BEST SHAPE of their lives in the QUICKEST amount of time possible. How else could you get results like this in 60 days?! (Including a healthy diet.)

Back in December I decided to enter Shakeology's holiday recipe contest. I planned out my recipe and after a few trial runs I had my complete recipe ready for submission. In early January 2012 the Shakeology judges voted and 15 recipes were left for the public to vote of them being mine. And on January 11th I found out that I had received the most votes and had won a Beachbody program of my choice and 1 month of Shakeology. I was thrilled! I decided to go with Insanity.

So this program has been sitting in my Beachbody library for 3 months now untouched...Hello?! It's Insanity! It seemed so daunting to me. I had a new Challenge group starting up on April 23rd and a few of my challengers had decided to go with Insanity, and it inspired me to commit to the entire 60 days. And I'm so glad I did! Every day this week I've been enjoying the workouts more and more. I've been drinking my Shakeology about an hour before and I know it's helping to energize me for these intense workouts.

Some things I love about Insanity: The workouts are super fast-paced and challenging (not the best choice for a beginner level or for anyone prone to injury), but it's encouraging knowing that I don't have to do everything perfectly at first...but the workouts push me to do as much as I possibly can and more! I've been blown away by how well I've been able to keep up and get through each entire DVD. I attribute a lot of that to how fit P90X and Turbofire have helped me become. I appreciate the focus and time dedicated to stretching in each Insanity workout that I've done so far. Shaun T emphasizes the importance of stretching and warming up and how it should NOT be matter how many times you've done it in previous workouts. And the rest of the routines, although extremely me, are still fun and motivating. Insanity is also a nice break from complex choreography routines, such as found in Turbofire (although they are WAY fun once you get the moves down.)

So Monday was Day #1, the first fit test and I feel like I did pretty well. I look forward to seeing how I have improved in 2 weeks. Today was Day #6 and I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit DVD. It was the second time doing it this week and I loved it. I have never sweat SO much in my life and it felt wonderful. I am looking forward to this challenge more and more every day!

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