Sunday, October 23, 2011

Positive Change

I'm an army wife, and a mother to 2 beautiful children. I love my life and I love my family. But I realized that lately I haven't been loving myself enough. And so I'm on a journey to find greater joy and satisfaction and in my personal life.

You can't help others until you've helped yourself.

This is a saying that continues to come to mind as I think of how I want to change my life.

What do I want to change (or do better with)?
  • I want to be more excited about life and my goals, and find more joy and enjoyment in the daily details of my life
  • I want to have more fun!
  • I want to push unnecessary negative out of my life and to focus better on the positive
  • I want to have more energy and strength in mind, body and spirit
  • I want to be stronger physically, and to feel better about my body
  • I want to be at a point in my life where I can better help others live up to their fullest potential

So in thinking of how I'm going to change my life in these ways, I've realized that some things will have to take priority: Including spiritual aspects of my life, and then focusing on my health. To do this I will mainly be focusing on a vigorous exercise routine (P90X) and eating in a way that will give me more energy throughout the day, as well as better nutrition.

I've also realized that how I feel about myself and how I feel physically from day to day, directly affects how I perceive the world around me and how I react to it. How I feel inside also affects how I treat others. Think of a day where you were feeling tired and sluggish, and maybe even a little depressed? Were your interactions with others the most positive they could be? Was your thinking the most positive it could be? We all have days like that, no matter what stage of life we're in...but I'm determined to make those kind of days a rare occurrence in my own life. For most people happiness is a matter of choice...and I choose to be happy!

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