Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day #3- Ab Ripper X

Oh, Ab Ripper I've been dreading thee.

Today was my first day completing the short 18 minute Ab Ripper X segment. I've been pretty nervous for this one. Like I said before, one of my main goals with doing P90X is to strengthen my abs. After 2 pregnancies I wonder if they're even still there...

I want SO badly to be able to do regular sit-ups without pulling on my legs for assistance. At this point, I'll admit, I cannot do even one regular sit-up. I am determined to change this.

So...I was actually pretty surprised at how well I was able to do with Ab Ripper X today! I was so relieved and grateful to get through it all. There was even one move that I was able to do perfectly without too much effort. It was called "Hip rock & raise." It made me think that I must be doing something right in my daily life and previous exercise routines. But by far the most challenging move is the The MASON TWIST! You sit on my buttocks with your upper body and legs off the floor while rapidly pivoting your upper body from side to side, while keeping your legs up and stretched out as much as possible. I probably sounded like I was about to cry during this one!! They definitely saved the best for last with that move.

My only concern today is if I was able to employ my abdominal muscles enough for a decent workout, instead of relying on other muscle groups. I guess I'll be able to tell by how sore I am tomorrow. But I like how the other workouts I've done so far (Core Synergistics and Plyometrics) have given my abs a workout as well.

YOGA tomorrow! I've been looking forward to P90X Yoga for WEEKS! It's the only P90X workout I've done before and I really think I'm going to enjoy it.

I was unable to do "Shoulders & Arms" today. Unfortunately I slept through my alarm this morning and missed the opportunity. I will be making it up later. :)

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