Monday, June 25, 2012

VEGAN Chocolate Shakeology Available June 26th!

Hey everyone!!

I just got home from Summit and I am really looking forward to sharing what I learned with all of you and my team...but right now I want to make sure you know some great news! In our opening General Summit meeting, CEO Carl Daikler announced that Shakeology will now be available in VEGAN CHOCOLATE! And we don't have to wait for months for it to be released...only a few days!

A lot of people asked for it after the release of the first vegan formula, Tropical Strawberry. Now those people who follow a vegan diet, want a more plant based diet, or have dairy allergies have a new option. :) I made a video of myself trying the new flavor for the first time. Unfortuntaly, when I ordered mine from the Shakeology bar they gave me one with banana and peanut butter blended in with the Shakeology. I ordered more the next day...making sure I got it plain. Without the banana/pb it wasn't as creamy and was more like a slushy. To me, it was pretty good...but AMAZING with the banana/pb mixture. That's usually what I do with the current chocolate flavor anyway but usually with PB2, banana, water and lots of ice and I never get sick of it! It's my delicious treat!

The new flavor of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology will be available in the:

* Bag-  Tuesday, June 26th
Challenge Packs-  Thursday, June 28th and
* Single-serving packets-  Thursday, July 5th

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 The new blend includes 5 new superfoods (such as moringa and Himalayan salt), made with natural Cacoa and sweetened with coconut nectar instead of Non-GMO fructose. The new Vegan chocolate can used during the Ultimate Reset!

Best value during purchase is in the bag (30 servings) on Home Direct (will give you free shipping.) Free shipping is available for the United States and Canada with Home Direct!

I will be offering samples of the new formula soon.
Ingredients list coming soon! Stay tuned for more great news from Summit!

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