Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Coming Soon!

It's official! The release date for the looong anticipated new flavor 

Tropical Strawberry will be...

 February 14th!

And it will be vegan. :) Instead of Whey Protein Concentrate like in Chocolate and Greenberry (which is a very high quality protein source, by the way), the protein source for Tropical will be sprouted brown rice. Although most people who have dairy intolerances do fine on Shakeology because of different ingredients (such as digestive enzymes)...people are excited for a dairy free alternative. And I hear this one is SUPER tasty! Many wonderful recipes to try will be included in each shipment.

Having a new flavor of Shakeology come out is a BIG deal too. Beachbody doesn't just throw out a flavor without tons of testing and making sure it lives up to the standard of "Healthiest Meal of the Day." Beachbody refuses to use inferior ingredients just to make a people happy with the taste. It HAS to be free from chemicals, preservatives, colorings and taste great!

Feel free to ask questions. Tropical Shakeology will be available in my official Beachbody Shop on February 14th!

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