Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Challenge Group Info- Entry Deadline February 18th

My next CHALLENGE GROUP begins Monday, February 27th and you are invited!

2 days left to enter. This will allow everyone to have their supplies ready to go for our Feb. 27th start date. The cost to join my challenge group is $0-$205, depending on what you already have and need. It's worth every penny and can actually save you money. Ask me how!

Watch this video and if you are serious about getting the best results in the shortest amount of time possible, with a great support network that won't let you fail, let me know! As your personal Beachbody coach I will be available by phone, text, email, fb to help you through the whole process. I want YOU to be successful at finally reaching your health/weight/fitness goals. And I will be doing a program along with you!

I’m forming a challenge group based on the Beachbody Challenge. It will be a great opportunity to get in shape because we’ll be accountable to each other, give support, & ask and answer each others questions for the duration of the 60/90 day programs. 
We will be using Shakeology as our after-workout recovery meal and there are lots of programs to choose from (see chart below) for varying levels of fitness, interests & goals...but all proven to work!

I’ve set the start date for Monday, February 27th. I’m here to help you with whatever fitness and health needs you might have. This is the time to get into the best shape of our lives and we are going to have a great time doing it together!

Let me which program you might be interested in trying or if you want any information about a particular program. SEE VIDEO LINKS BELOW! :)

Each Challenge Pack comes with the workout program of your choice (they each come with several workout DVD's, a nutrition and fitness guide for that program and bonus workouts), One month supply of Shakeology (30 all-natural whole food meals, with over 70 super-food ingredients for losing weight, gaining energy for your workout and your day, correcting cholesterol, reversing disease, getting healthy and many more benefits!), free one month membership to the Beachbody website, and free suppport from me and the rest of the Beachbody community. You save up to $55 with the Challenge pack off retail!

There are 4 new additions to the Challenge Packs...RevAbs, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity: The Asylum, and P90X2! And Challenge Packs can now be purchased from my store.

Learn more about "The Beachbody Challenge," Read success stories. Click "Take the Challenge to enter. Get a free T-shirt with the logo of your fitness program just for finishing!

Click "Shop." You can also purchase just Shakeology or just a Fitness program.

What will be required of YOU?

  • Order supplies by Saturday, February 18th to make sure you are set and ready to go by the 27th. (Shipping can take 5-7 days.)
  • Commit to the 60/90 program of your choice and to give it your all everyday (You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.) 6 days a week, with a "rest day" on Sundays.
  • Check in with our FB Challenge group at least once per day.
  • Drink Shakeology once per day to replenish and fuel your changing body (preferably right after your workout.)
  • Take your before pictures. I know it can be embarrassing and comfortable to do so, but you'll be so happy you did. Think of it like you're saying goodbye to the you you will never know again!
"Think of fitness as a journey. Your vehicle can be your gym membership, weights, running shoes, etc. What good is having a vehicle and a destination without having a plan on how to get there? Just randomly doing exercises is the same as just getting in the car, driving, and hoping you are going the right way. Can you get there? Probably, but you will have wasted a ton of time, energy, and money from getting lost many times. Beachbody provides you not only with a top of the line vehicle, but also a complete roadmap with up to date GPS directions GUARANTEED to get you where you want to go." – Paul Kosby.

Here are videos for all of the Challenge Pack options:


Insanity: The Asylum:


ChaLEAN Extreme:


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