Monday, December 5, 2011

Week #6 Stats

Hey again everyone!

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So, I just took my 6 week measurements and I'm way excited about the results! I was nervous as I was taking them because I look in the mirror everyday and I don't notice a huge difference. I keep working hard and eating right...but I want to see the proof that this is working for me. Well here it is!! I took them today just because I happened to take my first measurements at the start of week #3, so I planned to do it again after another 3 weeks. I wish I'd taken my first measurements on week #1, but it just didn't happen. I haven't blogged for several days because of my current contest, but I will write about how I've been doing with my workouts and goals soon.

                             Week #1              Week #3              Week #6
Weight                   129 lbs.              126.4 lbs               124.8 lbs.
BMI                            20.8                      20.3                       20.0
Body Fat %              ---                         20.7%                    20.4%
Muscle %                 ---                         36.0%                    36.1%
Arms                        ---                          9 1/2"                        10"           
Small Waist              ---                             29"                    27 1/2"!!
Large Waist              ---                      32 3/4"                        31"
Hips                          ---                            35"                    34 3/4" 
Mid-butt                    ---                           36"                     35 1/2"
Thighs                       ---                           21"                          19"

Just so ya'll know, when I take my measurements I don't squeeze the tape to measure around myself or suck it in...these are real stats...And the proof that I am working hard to change my body and my life with a program that REALLY works. I love P90X. :)

Two things to note...I'm not sure why but the only numbers that haven't changed much are my fat and muscle percentages...which is strange because every other number has changed. I even lost 2 lbs. in the last 3 weeks!! (I do, however, expect my weight to start plateauing soon as I gain more muscle.) Maybe my scale is not super accurate or these percentages really haven't changed that much...but the thing is, is that the measuring tape doesn't lie and I am seeing CHANGE!!

I do hope to start seeing more progress around my "large waist" area soon. I think that adding more of the "Core Synergistics" segment will help with that. I will be substituting "Back & Biceps" for Core each week. But nearly 2 inches gone in 3 weeks is pretty cool!!

I was happy to see that the only number that went up was my arm's circumference. People have started noticing the definition in my arms...and I'll admit that I have been known to flex my muscles in front of the mirror every once in while these days ;) ...I flexed for my husband the other day and he says, "Whoa, do that again!" He's especially excited to see my progress and is proud of all I'm doing. Love you honey!

Thanks for reading! Go enter my contest if you haven't done so already. I will be announcing the winner on December 9th!! Do it now!! And share with friends too. :)

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  1. Yay! Good work Melissa. I wish I was on the journey with you but maybe I'll be able to join you sometime next month. :) Isn't it fun to see your measurements change for the better? I think mine have changed a little for the worse, but oh well, you know what my challenges are. Keep it up, you're inspiring!


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